UX/UI Redesign


I was approached by the Co-Founders of DualShockers who were looking to do a redesign of their site. The main objective of this redesign was to increase user engagement and retention. I had one month to research, draw up wireframes, and deliver high fidelity designs.


Research and Discovery

Opportunity Analysis

Visual Identity

User Experience

Responsive Design

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We began with a kick off meeting to establish business objectives, gather user insight, and discuss other variables.

Interpreting the data from user insights, we were able to define our main demographic and create measurable goals for the project.

Translating those design solutions into ideas, I began drawing up concept designs in the form of wireframes. The client wanted as little white-space as possible while still being advertiser-friendly. I met with their advertisers over a Skype meeting to make sure we would be on the same page throughout the design.

Once the wireframes were presented and approved, I began to visually skin the wireframes into high fidelity designs.

After presenting the initial round of designs, I gathered the feedback from the client for any final changes.

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